See LINQtoLDAPDemo_Setup project for LinqtoExcel

Mar 4, 2012 at 3:13 AM

I have RedGate at work and used it to generate a considerable amount of test data to populate Northwind's Employee table for a better demonstration of LDAP paging.

I want my test data to be consistent no matter what station I work from be it from home or the office (when I can catch a break from SSRS) and I don't have the mac daddy SQL Server version at home (meaning I can't restore a backup made at the office), so I exported the test data to an Excel document to import into my Northwind db at home.

You could skip the middle man (the Northwind db) and just use LinqtoExcel to import the test data directly into your LDAP server--but I am too stubborn to do that.

You can learn more about LinqtoExcel at

Note: You'll notice that I implemented a custom casting function to make the imported Excel data, LDAP object compatible. LinqtoExcel, at the moment, hates nullable integers... but likes nullable datetime objects.